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Simple Web Server

May 26th, 2010 Comments off

If you need a very simple web server to transfer some files you can run:
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80
and you will create a simple web server serving files from the current directory.

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Strange ArchLinux Error

May 25th, 2010 Comments off

Arch Linux is a lightweight and simple distribution as they claim on the website. I am interested in a rolling release system without the headaches of Gentoo. The first setup was strange, I have no problems with an ugly console GUI but the entire experience was counterintuitive.

On example that gave me some headaches was at “Configure System” step. There was a strange error “Failed to import current network settings into target system” and all configuration files were empty. It took me sometime to figure the cause and here is this post in case somebody else has this problem. There was an error downloading one of the packages (dhcpd) and the setup program just continued without a proper notification. To recover from this you have to go back to the “Install Packages” step (only the missing packages are downloaded) until everything is downloaded.

There were a lot of small things that added up and in the end too many headaches just for a basic setup. I will check it again in after some time passes and maybe it will get better.

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